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Dr. Marshall and Bobby Selvaggio presented sessions at the 2024 OMEA,  as did doctoral students and alumni Kate Ferguson, Lisa Heinrich, Bryan Helsel, BethAnn Hepburn, and Brian Laakso. Jacob Gibson, Lisa Heinrich, William Kish, and Laura Wiedenfeld lit up the Columbus Convention Center with their research posters. Not to be outdone, Dr. Resta shared a research poster at Indiana MEA, From the Editor’s Desk: Understanding the Publishing Process for Music Education Journals, and at Pennsylvania MEA, Doctoral Study in Music Education: Understanding the Journey in United States Context. Next stop, ISME in Helsinki, Finland, for Dr. Resta, Shawna Hinkle, Will Kish, and Marty Ryan. Kent’s Ph.D. in Music Education degree includes 21 scholars, actively teaching, publishing, and presenting all over the globe.
Dr. Ben Lorenzo and Prof. Bobby Selvaggio toured with the Kent Wind Ensemble and Jazz Orchestra, performing interactive concerts at Norwalk HS on 2/29 and Aurora HS, 3/1. Prior to that, Dr. Olson, Dr. Lorenzo, and Dr. Matthews welcomed outstanding musicians from throughout Northeast Ohio for the Kent State All-Star Band, January 12-13, with guest clinicians Leah McGray and Armond Hall.
Mark your calendars for professional development opportunities at Kent! Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education levels 1, 2, and 3 will be held on campus June 17-28. Rock Band Performance and Pedagogy is in the house July 7-12. And we will pilot a new, hybrid course focusing on Culturally Responsive Song Research: Applications to Instruction for General Music and Youth Choirs (through a Kodály lens). This unique course will begin with participants researching and revising their own curricula, remotely, starting June 10. Then we will gather for 3 days of pedagogy and sharing on campus July 23-25.