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From the Director of Business and Tradeshow Operations

Bill Wittman, Director of Tradeshow Operations
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
It is my pleasure to serve the Ohio Music Education Association as the Director of Business and Tradeshow Operations. We have had a wonderful 2023–24 year and surpassed our goals of Partnerships which support our organization. Our recent professional development conference and tradeshow was a huge success. We sold over 220 booths which were represented by over 140 companies, universities, and other organizations. Almost 10,000 people were present through one way or another at our February Event. OMEA continues to provide the very best for our members, constituents, exhibitors, and all that touch us.
Please know that we are now preparing our Tradeshow and Advertising Venues for our next fiscal year, 2024-25. Our newly designed digital journal - TRIAD, Website Ads, State Marching Band Finals Program and Ads, are some of the ways we serve our organization. I encourage all of you to view the new format in TRIAD to see the exciting ways in which we are publishing this journal.
In addition, I urge our universities to consider being a contributor and/or obtaining a copy of Contributions to Music Education. This journal, specifically devoted to music research, is published by OMEA annually. It has a very minimal cost and is unique in bringing outstanding research in music education, from across the nation, to the fore. If interested in obtaining a copy, please contact my office, ASAP.
As your Director of Business and Tradeshow Operations, please know that I am reachable at any time. Please call, text, or email me a message if I can be of assistance to you, your organization, or others in anyway.
The Ohio Music Education Association serves music students, professional educators, musicians, and those associated with music throughout our state and region. We are delighted to be of service to those who need assistance in the world of music!
Have a great summer!
All the best,
Contact me: 740.975.3753.