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Creative Events Update

Thai Sribanditmongkol Immediate-past Creative Events Chair
Welcome back and happy new (school) year to everyone! As we return to the rhythm of the school day, we are all looking forward to another year of making beautiful music and building strong musicians.
Though it is easy to get caught up in preparing for the upcoming fall concert, the big marching band festival, or simply trying to learn the names of a brand new batch of kindergartners in your general music classroom, I encourage you to take a moment to ask your students, “Who has been working on writing or arranging their own piece of music?” You will be surprised how many students have been secretly composing right under your nose! This simple question can really open up a great conversation about how students are taking what they are learning in your classroom and exploring music even further on their own.
Performing ensembles can sometimes be more focused on compliance to the written score and less centered on student agency, individual expression, or musical creativity. It is important that we strive to find ways to encourage our musicians’ curiosity and creativity beyond the repertoire they rehearse in class. AE Creative Events is an opportunity to do just that.
Creative Events allow students to submit an original composition to receive high-quality individual feedback and a rating if they so choose. Open to grades 1-12, this arm of Adjudicated Events is one of the most flexible and inclusive adjudicated event opportunities available. Student submissions have ranged from short one-page piano solos, to multi-movement works for symphonic band. Take a few minutes to explore more about Creative Events adjudications on the OMEA website and do consider having your budding composers submit their work in May.

Congratulations to our recipients of I or II ratings from Creative Events 2023!

I - Superior Rated Compositions:
  • Andrew S. - Olentangy Berlin High School - Concerto for Bassoon and Grand String Orchestra/ Low Brass Section - Large Miscellaneous Ensemble
  • Sahana S. - William Mason High School - la peinture - Solo Piano
  • Keegan W. - New Bremen High School - Tarnished Reverie, Karma - Woodwind Ensemble
  • Allison Z. - Olentangy Orange High School - Tranquility - String Ensemble
II - Excellent Rated Compositions:
  • Elijah G. - Olentangy Orange High School - Calcite - String Ensemble
  • Christian H. - Reynoldsburg STEM Middle School at Baldwin Road - The Other World - Large Band Ensemble
  • Emma M. - William Mason High School - Chasing Shadows - Solo Piano
  • Daniel S. - Shawnee High School - Crazy Suite for Piano - Solo Piano
Thai Sribanditmongkol is the vocal music director and performing arts department chair at Olentangy Berlin High School in Delaware, OH. He currently serves on the OMEA Adjudicated Events Committee as the Vocal Affairs Chair.